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rain on the YBR

With the exception of a freak snow storm that blanketed the poppy field, I don’t believe it ever rained in Oz. But, as that old Ella Fitzgerald song goes, “into each life some rain must fall.”

As I write this blog it is cold, cloudy and an annoying rain continues to fall as it has done all day, as it did yesterday and two days before that…and likely the rain will continue to fall tomorrow.

I don’t think it’s accidental that our spirits sag as the weather sogs. Gloomy days challenge us to rise to any occasion.

Worse than literal rainy days are spiritual rainy days when we have doubts about almost everything. The weight of the world seems to settle on our shoulders.  All we want to do is find sanctuary under covers in a nice warm bed.

The world is filled with people who live from one spiritually rainy day to another. Unfortunately when the sun does break through the clouds many of these people continue to be burdened by cloudy skies.

So many of us are unaware of the clouds that hover over people we come into contact on a daily basis.

Despite Dorothy’s grey life in Kansas she did believe in looking for a rainbow.  I believe with some understanding we can be a rainbow in someone’s life. If we can remember how we felt when the “rain began falling on our heads,” we might better understand how sadness grips other people.

rainbow on ybr


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