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Oz for honest

In less than a week’s time, Orlando, the happiest place on earth, was turned on its head. The senseless shooting of an aspiring pop star, the brutal mass shooting of the innocent in a club, and the tragic death of a two year-old in an alligator attack caused national consternation, angst, sorrow and total exasperation.  Unless you were in a coma you are well aware of what happened, and undoubtedly you have been saturated with endless news reports.

And while more experienced commentators have “commentated” ad infinitum on the week’s events, I want to put my YBR spin to the table for no other reason than a blog is a medium made for getting things off your chest.

Before getting into the meat of the events, I want to take a moment to focus on what the politicians have had to say, and in this case I will limit my comments to the presumptive presidential candidates.

One word kept flashing in my head. Honest…the last word we associate with politicians. (You remember that often quoted saying about an honest politician is an oxymoron? Well in this presidential race you can leave off the oxy.)

The dictionary defines honest as “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.” When it came to the shooting in the Orlando club, who was the more honest? Trump or Clinton? I’d have to say that Trump spoke “honestly.”  His comments were, as usual, unvarnished.  He didn’t mince his words and he could not be accused of being deceitful. He was also sincere, in that he said what he meant and he meant what he said.

Clinton, on the other hand, was less than honest. That doesn’t mean she was dishonest or that she lied to us when she spoke. It only means that none of us have any idea if what she said was what she really feels/believes deep down inside her. She spoke the language of politics, meaning every word was scripted.

Because Trump is not a politicians he has no filter.  As the big guy he has never had to worry what he said, when he said it and to whom he said it.  Clinton is a politician and she had a filter inserted in her mouth so long ago that she can’t let it go.

As ridiculous as I might have thought Trump’s comments were, I was left confused by Clinton’s remarks.

Space doesn’t allow me to go into any detail on their statements. Suffice it to say that we need people to speak honestly and that means going off script even if what you have to say doesn’t meet with universal approval.

To Donald Trump I say, start to take a wider look at the world and realize that being bombastic might make the news but being a broader and deeper thinker might actually make your “opponents” sit up and take note.

To Hillary Clinton I say, get off your high horse and throw the script away. You might win over more people if you spoke from the heart, not a teleprompter.

To Donald and Hillary: I want to hear what you both  have to say. I have an open mind.  Unlike the two of you.


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“When words fail it’s best to say nothing, but don’t fail to
do something unselfish for someone else in honor
of those whose lives were cut short.”

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