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Remember man that you are lint and to lint you shall return

Remember man that you are lint and to lint you shall return

I don’t believe there was ever any mention of the celebration of any Christian holy days or seasons in Oz, but I do believe that Oz is a place where we can go to turn things inside out and look at what is overly familiar with a new pair of eyes.

Having just finished the Christian season of Lent, I was struck by something when I cleaned out the lint trap in the dryer between doing loads of laundry.  There is something odd, if not spooky, about lint.  It’s always there no matter how many times the items might have been washed and sent through the dryer.  Yet, the items never seem to disappear, unless lint is what happens to that sock that always seems to go missing.

I don’t think there have been any scientific studies about lint. Environmentalist never send out warnings about lint and how lint might actually play a role in global warming.  I know there are some people who do take lint and fashion little animals out if it but you never see lint animal exhibitions at museums…and I don’t even think there is a section about lint on Pintrest.

I often wonder if there is anybody out there who has made it a life-long hobby to collect lint.  I can’t imagine how much lint I could have collected over all these years of drying clothes. But that’s the subject for another blog that I don’t think will ever happen.

So back to the holy season of lint. As I cleaned out the lint trap this morning it got me thinking about how lint is really the story of us.  Lint is life’s way of telling us that slowly a little bit of us disappears as we grow older.  Oddly enough we never notice it, because it’s the clean clothes that we put on that grabs our attention and focus, not the lint ball that we toss in the garbage can.

But, the lint does come from the clothes we wear. And while the thinning of the shirt/blouse etc. might not really be perceptible, some of it does end up in the lint trap.

I think we need to “re-think” what we think about lint. I think we need to stop for a moment before we toss the lint ball away and reflect on how we spend each day. Lint is really the sum total of our experiences. Lint is a reminder of our journey on the yellow brick road.


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